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CTRS: Cretified Tax Resolution Specialist

A CTRS represents clients before various taxing authorities to negotiate favorable solutions to their tax problems a reputation for truthfulness, credibility and adherence to ethical principle are mandatory. A Certified Tax Resolution Specialist must exhibit high moral and professional character. 

The Certified Tax Resolution Specialist (CTRS) designation is awarded to individuals who have met the educational, experience, and examination requirements prescribed by American Society of Tax Professional Solvers (ASTPS).  The CTRS designation is restricted to Enrolled Agent, CPA or Attorney ASTPS Members in good standing, who has proven expertise to resolve a wide range of tax problems.
The services a CTRS provides to individuals and businesses include securing:


  •  Offers In Compromise
  •  Installment Agreements
  •  Penalty Abatement
  •  Innocent Spouse Relief
  •  Release of Liens or Levies
  •  Non-Filer issues and many others.

Tax problem resolution is a unique area of professional practice that addresses a problem that affects a tremendous number of American citizens and residents.
The Certified Tax Resolution Specialist designation allows taxpayers to identify experts in tax problem resolution. The ASTPS Board of Regents administers the Certification Program. The Board of Regents is the final authority in making decisions related to the Certification Program. The Certified Tax Resolution Specialist (CTRS) designation is only awarded to Enrolled Agents, CPAs, and Attorneys who meet the requirements.


The Uniform CTRS Examination

The examination will be made available to qualified candidates upon submission of an Application for Examination that reflects a candidate's eligibility. The examination is a reliable test to determine a candidate's
competence in tax problem resolution. A list of appropriate study materials is available to candidates. One hundred hours of study, or equivalent knowledge is recommended before sitting for the exam.

The CTRS exam consists of two parts:

  1. 150 objective questions covering all areas of IRS Problem Resolution
  2. A comprehensive case problem requiring preparation of a tax problem case for resolution.

Examinations are changed periodically and updated to insure integrity.


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