Tax Resolution Scam Warning!

There are many so-called tax resolution firms out there that will promise anything to get you to part with your money. Don't hire them if they have done any one of the following:

1. Sent you a deceptive looking mailer

These bottom-feeders scour the public records for the names and addresses of people who have had a tax lien filed against them. They then send a deceptive piece of mail posing as the IRS to get you to open it and call them. They either try to frighten you into hiring them or persuade you that they can easily resolve your tax problem.

2. Given you a guarantee

It is illegal for a tax attorney, CPA or IRS Enrolled Agent to guarantee that you will get a certain result. People who do make these guarantees are doing so for the sole purpose of getting you to pay them. They are lying and you should never hire a liar to be your tax representative because that means they probably also have lied about their qualifications.

3. Rendered an immediate opinion

Any one who renders an opinion on your case before asking detailed questions about the nature and circumstances of your tax liability and your financial condition is a con man. Don't trust them and never, ever give them any of your money. You'll be sorry and end up having to hire a qualified tax advisor to correct the mess they made.

4. Tried to frighten you

Anyone who tells you that if you don't immediately hire them, the IRS will arrest you or initiate a criminal prosecution against you is probably lying through his teeth. He or she knows that the more scared you are, the more likely it is that you will pay them. Don't fall for this. A reputable tax advisor will tell you the truth about your tax situation, but will never tell you that if you don't pay them you'll go to jail.

5. Failed to maintain a local office where the work is actually performed

Most of these national tax outfits use commissioned salesmen to try to coax you into hiring them. These people are not qualified tax representatives. Their only goal is to make the sale. In other words, you cannot trust what they tell you. This is why tax lawyers and CPAs are not permitted to share fees with non-lawyers and non-CPAs, just as doctors are not permitted to pay non-doctors commissions for soliciting patients. Only an experienced tax lawyer or CPA can tell you whether or not you need representation and whether or not there is a viable legal solution to your tax problem.

The Lies:

Is that 1 penny on the dollar or 99 pennies on the dollar?

Whatever it is, don't believe them. They are used car salesmen who cynically hope that you are naïve enough to believe their pie-in-the sky promises and give them your hard-earned cash.

Once you pay these snake-oil salesman their optimism about resolving your tax problems ceases. It is immediately replaced by statements about how they can't resolve your problem unless you give them this or that document or take this or that action.

Eventually, after their repeated requests for additional documentation, you become exhausted and realize that you are getting nowhere with them. In the end, they have your money and you still have a tax problem that's even worse because of the additional accruals of interest and penalties.

And if you wanted to sue them - which you probably don't have the money to do, anyway - you have to go to another state to do so.

The Truth

The truth is that no reputable, experienced tax professional will ever render a legal opinion about your tax problem without first gaining a thorough understanding of your predicament and doing a detailed analysis of your financial situation.

IRS Settlements are very difficult to get and nobody, regardless of his or her experience in tax law, can tell you whether or not you will get one.

An honest tax professional will tell you the truth about offers in compromises and ask for detailed financial information from you before predicting your chances of success.

Our Advice

Don't trust anyone who tells you he can resolve your tax problem unless and until he has asked for your financial information and taken a sufficient amount of time to analyze it. If he's making promises and giving assurances without first seeing this information, he is either incompetent or lying or both.

We do not suggest that we are the only reputable and honest tax firm out there, only that we are one of the very few.

Every year several dozens of taxpayers hire us after having hired an unscrupulous tax resolution company. We know how these con men operate and we want to protect you from them

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